Color Wizard

Gray balance, lightness, chroma and hue,

Ibbity, bibbity, bobbity, boo.

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  • G7 Color Expert – an independent choice for color tools & technical know how
  • EFI Fiery XF, ColorProof and Production
  • GMG ColorProof, InkOptimizer, ColorServer
  • X-rite i1Profiler, ProfileMaker, Profiler, ITX Intellitrax, Display and Instruments
  • Alwan pressStandardizer and CMKY Optimizer
  • Bodoni pressSIGN
  • Caldera
  • Chromix Curve Tools
  • ColorGate
  • Measure Color
  • Onyx Production House and Thrive
  • Serendipity Black Magic, Veripress, Bureau and proofing
  • SpotOn!
  • Tucanna tFlow, printControl and rapidCheck
  • Many other fine products in the printing, proofing, packaging and production environments

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